Renowned in Japan for high-performing wire forming machines, Miyazaki Machinery Systems cuts across industries with technology that is rooted in a total commitment to quality.

“Because of the demanding requirement of the Japanese market, we have reached 90 per cent domestic market share for our combined drawing machines. Globally, no other company can provide the high quality of these machines,” says Kazuaki Miyazaki, president. A family-owned business that traces its roots to 17th century Japanese metalworking, Miyazaki Machinery Systems is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a newly renovated headquarters in Osaka and a trading subsidiary in Shanghai that is turning 10 years old. Metal Drawing Machine

Miyazaki’s wire machines raise productivity across industries | South China Morning Post

The company has long-standing relationships with well-known Japanese companies such as Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, JFE Steel, Kobe Steel, Sumitomo Electric, Hitachi Metals and other industries whose overseas forays were supported by speciality machines designed by Miyazaki engineers to precision requirements. It also collaborates with Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications and Vesuvius McDonnell.

“We can present various proposals to any industry based on our successful history of innovation in this niche business,” Miyazaki says.

As the only comprehensive wire forming machine maker in Japan, Miyazaki Machinery Systems is the highest-level provider of integrated systems for combined drawing machine (coil to bar) and wire drawing machine (coil to coil) and wire stranding machines. Equipped with the latest microprocessor-based control systems, these machines produce the high-quality wire for power cables; electric wires, parts used in vehicles, fasteners, appliances, electronic products and communication systems; and structural wire ropes.

Miyazaki machines are increasingly being used in the automotive and heavy industries across China and Southeast Asia. In China alone, up to 2.4 million vehicles – whether hybrid, electric or internal-combustion engine – are equipped with control cables, fasteners or springs made by Miyazaki machines. The company is keen on doing the same for the home appliance industry.

Miyazaki’s wire machines raise productivity across industries | South China Morning Post

Aluminium Wire Drawing Machine “We want to keep giving our customers the support and raise our service level to satisfy their needs anywhere in the world,” Miyazaki says.