7 Best UV nail lamps for a saloon-like nail treatment at home | PINKVILLA

Check out these budget-friendly UV nail lamps from Amazon that are a must have!

It's time for you to take your nail game up a notch by opting for an at-home manicure that's half the cost of a salon manicure. UV nail lamps are table-top size units used to dry or “cure” acrylic or gel nails and gel nail polish. There is always a debate between LED and UV, with LED lamps usually taking the lead. This is mostly because LED lamps are less expensive to use and are less damaging to the skin. However, a UV nail lamp can safely cure both types of polish.  Sun Mini Uv Led Nail Lamp

7 Best UV nail lamps for a saloon-like nail treatment at home | PINKVILLA

Check out these 7 UV nail lamps to get saloon-like nails at home. 

1. UV Gel Nail Lamp,150W UV Nail Dryer

Curing your nail gel polish in seconds, the Liteland-led nail dryer offers enough space and quick drying to make your nails perfect. Thanks to Liteland advanced nail curing technology, you’ll wonder why you had wasted time and money manicuring nails in the salon.

2. Gugusure Nail Curing Lamps for Home

Equipped with an infra-red motion sensor,Gugusure led gel nail lamp is more powerful than most other competitors available. With 42pcs UV/LED lamp beads full cover, twice faster than other 80W or 96W gel nail.

3. UV Nail Polish Light with Phone Holder 

The nail polish dryer set with 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s low heat mode, large LCD screen helps you show curing time guarantees you do nail art work safely and comfortably. The nail light can automatically sense through the smart infrared sensor, the light will turn on when the hand is put in, and the light will be turned off when the hand leaves. 

4. UV LED Nail Lamp with 42 Light Beads

With 42  light beads evenly distributed, no dead zone, and drying nail polish in all directions, quickly and efficiently this is one of the best in the market. Also, with special technology, the light is like sunlight, not single UV light, it will not hurt your eyes, and no more black hands during nail curing.

5. UV LED Portable Cordless Nail Lamp

Using advanced LED double light source bulb technology to cure all kinds of nail gels without distinguishing nail polish gels types. The rectangular design is perfect for long nails. The detachable base can be removed for cleaning and easy pedicure use.

This LED nail dryer is detachable from the cover to the bottom, which is enough room place to lighten both fingernails and toenails. Furthermore, it would be much easier to clean it once the gel smears the inside of the machine.

7. Cordless UV Led Nail Lamp

This cordless led nail lamp has a USB interface that can charge the nail drill and mobile phone while doing nail art. It is a professional cordless led nail lamp specially designed for nail art. This cordless UV Led nail lamp built-in rechargeable battery, and the premium quality battery can be used for 2-3 hours after being fully charged.

While a great gel manicure is designed to reliably last for weeks on end, its polish is really only as good as the LED or UV lamp that helps it dry and harden. These UV nail lamps make it easier than ever to bring these expert-level tools straight to your dining or coffee table for less—especially since many of the most popular lamps are available on Amazon.

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7 Best UV nail lamps for a saloon-like nail treatment at home | PINKVILLA

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