This system is a green energy solution applicable in many countries, as it saves energy demand from the grid during crop cultivation seasons. Utilizing the solar energy and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm, this is a highly energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. The system is isolated on the user interface side, through which users can program the timer and speed control. This solution is capable of operating with any AC or PMSM motor through variable frequency drive and Field Oriented Control (FOC) respectively.

1200V AccuSwitch™ AC/DC Digital Primary-Side Converter for Three-Phase Industrial Applications up to 12W Solar Controller

Smart Solar Irrigation Pump Controller | Renesas

SmartBond TINY™ Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

32-bit Microcontroller with Floating Point Unit (FPU) Ideal for Controlling a Single Inverter

Low-power, High Performance Microcontrollers with 32-bit RXv2 CPU Core and Enhanced DSP and FPU

2.5 A Output Current, High CMR, IGBT Gate Drive, 5-PIN SSOP (LSSO5 WITH 8.2mm Creepage Distance) Photocoupler

Dual General Purpose Micropower, RRIO Operational Amplifiers

Analog Output Type Optical Coupled Isolation Amplifier

IGBT 1250V 25A TO-247A Built-In FRD

High Speed, Dual Channel Power MOSFET Drivers

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Smart Solar Irrigation Pump Controller | Renesas

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