Snap-On Mechanics Tool Sets That Are Worth The Price

Not only does Snap-On make a wide variety of different tools and hardware accessories, but the company also makes a number of specialty tool kits that conveniently bundle specific sets of products for particular use cases. These tool sets can be used by apprentices and students just starting out and learning their trade, as well as seasoned mechanics who are looking to supplement their existing tool collections. Offerings include everything from educational starter sets to add-on sets to high-end premium kits. Students can even create an account with Snap-On to receive discounts on many of these sets.

Auto mechanics can find a range of specialty tool sets that focus on particular vehicle types and specific parts of a vehicle, like brakes and steering, as well as sets for inspection/diagnostics and other duties. Even better, Snap-On makes sets not just for automotive uses, but also for mechanics who specialize in maintaining and repairing air conditioning units, aircraft, HVAC systems, and more. Here are some of the mechanics tool sets made and sold by Snap-On that are worth the price. Bowed Spring Washer

Snap-On Mechanics Tool Sets That Are Worth The Price

Snap-On makes a fairly basic Quick Service Tech Set for tune-ups or to make minor fixes. Plus, it comes with a roll cart, painted in Snap-On's signature red, to hold the tools and allow you to easily move them around a vehicle. This set is perfect for new mechanics or if you like to perform small DIY repairs in your garage. You could even keep the tools (not the roll cart) in your trunk for emergencies on the road.

In addition to the cart, the Quick Service Tech Set includes a 14-piece heavy-duty end cap filter wrench set, a five-piece master oil funnel kit, a 14.4V 1/4-inch hex cordless screwdriver kit, an oil filter wrench, a 9/16-inch to 15 mm 12-Point SAE/Metric Pan Plug Wrench, a 3/8-inch drive 2-inch long 1/4-inch hex-to-3/8-inch square adaptor, a 1/4-inch drive 2-inch long 1/4-inch hex-to-1/4-inch square adaptor, and a red fender cover — all made by Snap-On.

It should be noted that two of the set's products are part of Snap-On's Blue-Point line. While still decent quality, Blue-Point products are typically cheaper and considered inferior to Snap-On's primary line, which is made entirely in the United States. While the roll cart especially won't have as nice a finish as other Snap-On tool storage options, this drawback doesn't really ruin the kit. Snap-On's Quick Service Tech Set has the product code SEPQSTSET and costs $1,895.

A brake repair kit is a must-have for any serious mechanic. Perhaps more than any other part of your car, you need to make sure your brakes are functioning properly at all times. Adding Snap-On's specific kit of brake repair products to your automotive tool collection will go a long way toward keeping your brakes in top shape. The tools included with the Snap-On Brake Repair Set are a 3/8-inch Drive Dual 80 Technology soft grip standard handle locking flex-head ratchet, seven-piece disc brake caliper driver set, brake caliper press, Blue-Point universal brake caliper tool set, wheel hanger, and two brake rotor holding clips.

One downside is that not all vehicles' brake systems are the same, and there's a chance the vehicle you're working on won't be compatible with the tools included with Snap On's set. For example, the included disc brake caliper driver set is only compatible with domestic vehicles (except Chrysler). Depending on which vehicles you plan on repairing, you may need additional tools or adaptors. The Snap-On Brake Repair Set, which has the product code SEPBRKRPAIR, is available for $898.05.

When it comes to auto repair, in a lot of ways, motorcycles aren't all that different from cars and trucks. But there are several things that do make maintaining and fixing bikes a particular science, and mechanics will likely want to pick up a motorcycle add-on set to make sure they have the right tools for the job. If you own a bike, you'll want one as well, especially since you'll likely want to tune up your bike yourself on longer road trips.

The Snap-On Master Motorcycle Add-On Set includes spline adapters built specifically for Harley-Davidsons, but the kit can be used with other bikes as well. With its wide range of tools and sockets, you'll be able to perform many different repairs, including accessing obstructed fasteners and vacuum brake bleeders. Don't let the "add-on" fool you, because the set is significant in its own right, and contains too many tools to list here. Some of its contents include flank drive shallow sockets, a ring compressor set, an impact driver set, crowfoot wrenches, a bearing race and seal driver set, a striking prybar, and much more.

The Snap-On Master Motorcycle Add-On Set has the product code SEPHDSETAOB and it unfortunately doesn't come cheap — its list price is $5,660. Considering how large and comprehensive the kit is, it's worth the price. However, Snap-On also suggests purchasing its pricey Metric Plus Apprentice Set for a complete "Motorcycle Advanced Set" of tools.

While Snap-On makes plenty of tools for automotive repair, there are lots of other machines that constantly need to be serviced, including HVAC sets. Whether you're starting out as an HVAC repairperson or are looking to do home repairs on your own rather than pay someone else, Snap-On's HVAC Starter Set can give you many of the tools you'll need.

The set contains many items needed to troubleshoot and repair HVAC machinery and automated systems, as well as assemble, install, and modify them. In addition to a tote bag and standard items like safety glasses and measuring tape, other tools in the kit include a refrigeration ratcheting box wrench, fin straightener and cleaner, wire stripper/cutter/crimper/bolt cutter, tubing cutters, lineman's pliers, a Flank Drive Plus adjustable wrench, a nine-piece SAE folding hex key set, and more. You can find the Snap-On HVAC Starter Set with product code SEPHVACSS. It costs $1,300, which is a fairly reasonable price, though Snap-On suggests you also buy its HVAC Add-On Set, which more than doubles the cost for you to procure everything you need for HVAC repair.

The wheels and tires of your car require just as much love and attention as the engine and brakes, but you're going to need a specific set of tools to best maintain and repair your wheels. Snap-On looks to meet that need with its Heavy Duty Wheel Service Kit, which includes some of the products a mechanic needs to service a vehicle's wheels.

Snap-On Mechanics Tool Sets That Are Worth The Price

Use Of Snap Ring Pliers The products that come with the Snap-On Heavy Duty Wheel Service Kit are a four-piece 1/2-inch drive impact extension set, five-piece torque extension set, 12-piece 1/2-inch drive, six-point Metric Flank Drive shallow impact socket set, 12-piece 1/2-inch drive, six-point Metric Flank Drive deep impact socket set, and a 1/2-inch drive air impact wrench, as well as three Blue-Point tools: a tire gauge and inflator, three-piece 1/2-inch square drive thin wall wheel flip socket set, and a three-piece 1/2-inch square drive lug/lock flip twist socket set. Blue-Point products don't quite match the top quality of Snap-On's premium line of tools, but they're solid enough and help keep the overall price of the Wheel Service Kit down. Snap-On's Heavy Duty Wheel Service Kit has the product code SEPWSK and costs $2,470.