The importance of safety shoes

Safety shoes have been designed with safety in mind. They protect your feet and minimize dangers from everyday jobs where you could potentially injure yourself.

Many construction jobs involve you moving around on uneven surfaces and putting you at risk of slipping, cutting or treading on something dangerous – shoes like these safety shoes from Engelbert Strauss have been designed to protect you from these risks. Working Safety Shoes

The importance of safety shoes

In most working environments where the surfaces aren’t ideal, safety shoes can be mandatory as they can reduce the chances of serious injuries. You reduce the chances of falling over and rolling your ankle or worse, hitting your head.

Below we look more into safety shoes and the importance of them

When it comes to choosing safety shoes or safety boots, you want to start by thinking about the type of protection you need and workwear. Different shoes protect you from different environments – fire service would use different safety shoes than a construction worker for example. Below we look into different considerations

Make sure you check the width of your safety shoes when buying them. A lot of people have wide feet which could result in the shoes feeling tight and causing damage to your feet. If your feet are uncomfortable, you are more likely to replace them sooner. You can get your feet measured before buying shoes so that you know the right type of shoes that best fit your posture.

Different safety shoes are made from a variety of materials. The materials being used can be more beneficial to protect you against the different elements that you could come up against at work. Depending on your profession, you may want certain materials as they will offer more support when you are working.

Budget will have a big effect on what safety shoes you decide to buy. Some shoes will cost more than others depending on the materials used, the brand you are purchasing, how comfortable they are and how new they are. Make sure you do your research and check out a variety of retailers before purchasing. Take Strauss shoes as an example. These shoes are more expensive but are built incredibly well. They will last longer than your average safety shoes and protect you more than their competitors.

When it comes to replacing your pair of safety shoes or safety boots, on average it is recommended you replace them every six months depending on usage. Some disciplines will require you to wear them more heavily than others, requiring more frequent changes. If you work outdoors or with buildings, they may last longer than within the fire service or construction industry.

Factors to take into account when deciding on changing your safety shoes should include – do your soles have any holes in them? Does your outside sole have any visible damage such as peeling away from the shoe? Is your outside of the sole wearing down? This could mean you are more likely to slip.

By taking a moment to inspect your shoes, you should have a good indication of whether you should be replacing them or not. If you are modifying your shoes in any way, be aware that this may reduce their lifespan.

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The importance of safety shoes

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